MindSpa 3-postion Full Spectrum White/Blue 24-led Glasses Combination Closed or Open Eye


MindSpa 3-postion Full Spectrum White/Blue 24-led Glasses Combination Closed or Open Eye


24-led replacement glasses for our current system, or as an excellent upgrade for older systems. A three-position switch allows you to choose Full Spectrum White, Calm Blue or White/Blue Combination.  



Our newly improved Brainwave Entrainment Glasses offer three options:

·      12 Full Spectrum White LEDs only

·      12 Calm Blue LEDs only

·      24 White/Blue combination LEDs.


White leds provide full-spectrum light and are best suited for general, everyday use. We suggest daytime use. However, exposure to bright white light at night increases performance by elevating core body temperature and increasing resting heart rate.


Our short wavelength blue leds are excellent to help overcome the effects of jet lag. Blue light also helps overcome seasonal affective disorder. Use in the morning to help balance circadian rhythms (your internal body clock) as this can help improve sleep patterns. Use in the afternoon if falling asleep too early or for an increase in alertness. Blue is also helpful for those with sensitivity to bright light. Blue light is not recommended after dark as it can disrupt sleep patterns.


Use the optional White/Blue combination during the day for alertness, brainwave entrainment and circadian balance. The micro-switch is located inside the glasses near the left-hand temple. 


·      Versatile, choose between eyes closed or eyes open mode

·      Closed Eye use recommended for general everyday use

·      Open Eye use is beneficial where physical movement kept at a minimum

·      CP (center pin positive) works with all MindSpa products and as an upgrade to most competing devices

·      One year warranty on accessories covering manufacturing defects

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