Enhanced Professional Library Price $49.95


Enhanced Professional Library Price $49.95


For MindSpa Programmable Systems

For use with Windows 10 and earlier versions

Install MindSpa Software to upload this file to your MindSpa MDS-12p. 

This library consists of updated versions of our original 12 programs for relaxation and stimulation that became the basis of MindSpa®. These sessions were developed for us for even more effective results by a leading expert in AVS technology. Many tens of thousands of people are successfully using these programs in our previous MindSpa versions. We also include three valuable bonus programs.


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Session Descriptions 

Enhanced Relaxation Programs
Program 1 is now an alpha focus program. Great for a quick 10 minute boost.
Alpha Focus 10 minutes
Low beta/mid-alpha 13 – 10 Hz

Program 2 remains a great beginner/all-purpose program. 
Light Alpha Relaxation 22 minutes
Mid-beta to mid-alpha 15 – 10 Hz - Original
Mid-beta to mid-alpha 15 – 9 Hz - Enhanced 

Program 3 & 7 are among the most popular deep state programs. These are especially recommended for the demands of multi-tasking lifestyles. 
Deep Alpha Relaxation I - 23 minutes
Low-beta to low alpha 13 – 8 Hz

Program 4 is an effective, solid relaxation program that has now been enhanced with additional light patterns to help move into a relaxed state more quickly and easily. 
Deep Alpha Relaxation II - 23 minutes
Mid-beta to low alpha/high theta 14 – 7 Hz - Original
Mid-beta to low alpha/high theta 12 – 6 Hz - Enhanced 

Program 5 now improved to help induce theta creativity and enhance problem solving abilities utilizing more complex light patterns
Use as an option to 3 & 7
Theta Induction I - 24 minutes
Mid-beta to theta 16 – 6 Hz

Program 6 is excellent experiencing the symptoms of anxiety and have difficulty staying focused and feeling calm.
Theta Induction II - 23 minutes
Low beta to low theta 14 – 4 Hz - Original
Low beta to low theta 14 – 6 Hz - Enhanced 

Program 7 as mentioned above, it is excellent for demanding, modern, multi-tasking lifestyles. It is excellent for cross training the left and right hemispheres into a balanced state. A suggestion for those with sleep and stress issues are to use sessions 3 and 7 in the morning and evening to help relax into restful, high quality sleep. 
Theta Induction III - 30 minutes
Low beta to low theta 14 – 4 Hz - Original
Low beta to low theta 15 – 6 Hz - Enhanced 

Program 8 at 40 minutes is the longest session. It is a strong inhibitory session, helping to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, and increase focus and concentration.
Theta Induction IV - 40 minutes
Mid-beta to theta 15 – 6 Hz

Enhanced Stimulation Programs
Program 9 is completely revised as an excitatory session for memory enhancement and to assist in improving motivation and energy level. For most general purposes users, we suggest starting with this program before moving on to the more advanced stimulation sessions 10-12.
Memory Enrichment - 21 minutes
Mid beta 17 – 13 Hz - Original
Mid beta 13 – 17 Hz - Enhanced 

Program 10 is an advanced creativity stimulation program which also induces increased problem solving abilities. This program is not recommended if one is experiencing symptoms of anxiety.
Cognitive Enhancement/Creativity - 22 minutes
High to low beta 35 – 13 Hz - Original
High to low beta 44 – 13 Hz - Enhanced 

Program 11 now has an even higher frequency range and is a very powerful excitatory session to improve the symptoms of depression, fatigue, lethargy, and lack of motivation. This program is used regularly in clinical practice to decrease the symptoms of depression and is also recommended for decreasing the symptoms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in children, (ADHD). 

This program is not recommended if one is experiencing symptoms of anxiety. 

Do not use programs 11 and 12 more than once every two to three days.

Advanced Excitatory - 35 minutes
Low to very high beta 13 – 40 Hz - Original
Low to very high beta 13 – 44 Hz - Enhanced 

Program 12 is a mirror opposite to Program 11. (see the chart below) It is designed specifically for improving focus, and good for grounding and stress. Programs 11 and 12 may be used alternately for symptoms related to attention and focus. 
Stimulus Reduction/Advanced Focus for Adults - 35 minutes
Very high to low beta 40 – 13 Hz - Original
Very high to low beta 44 – 13 Hz - Enhanced 

Bonus Program Description

Pick Me Up (10 minutes)
A non-caffeine way to give yourself a quick boost of energy when you are short on time. This 10 minute program increases brainwave activity so you feel more alert and awake. It also may enhance your mood.

Mid Morning Boost (15 minutes)
This 15 minute program gives you a boost of energy and provides more motivation to get through the rest of the day. This program also assists in feeling more focused and gives your mood a boost.

Stress Magic (22 minutes)
This program helps to melt away stress and leave you feeling relaxed and calm.
This program may also assist in helping you feel more focused for the rest of the day.

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