About Brainwaves Stimulation and Brainwave States

AVS - Auditory and Visual Stimulation

Auditory and Visual Stimulation (AVS) is a method of personal development that has evolved over several decades. It is a passive training procedure that can enable a person to alter physiological responses to induce a desired state of mind.

In biofeedback, the object for the individual is to deliberately try to calm or train mental activity. With AVS, passive inducement occurs without the conscious effort of the individual.

How AVS technology is applied 

Dual modalities of auditory and visual stimulation are introduced primarily through the optic nerve and ears, which is then fed directly to the brain in the form of stimulation. This technology is applied to the individual through the use of our custom designed glasses inset with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) set at specific colors, angles and distances from the eye to optimize desired effect.

These lights flash at predetermined frequencies, and are coupled with specific tones. The light emitting from the glasses and rate of the flicker introduced by way of the optic nerve creates a matching effect, or induction, between the mind and the set rate of flickering, thereby moving the mind to either more energetic state, or into deeply relaxing states. Frequencies are determined by the preferred outcome.

Frequency Following Response

The induction method by which this occurs is known as Frequency Following Response (FFR). Through this natural response mechanism, the mind matches the corresponding visual and auditory stimulus. Two common examples demonstrating a typical relaxation response are when gazing into a gently flickering flame, or the effect of soothing music upon the listener.

Type of results AVS offers 

The induction into higher arousal states induced by higher frequencies of our broad-spectrum white LED’s has been found to generate enhanced mental activity. This can result in cognitive improvement. The induction to lower states of mental activity through specific lower frequency rates has been found to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress thereby promoting feelings of calmness and deep relaxation, allowing the mind to operate more efficiently with greater clarity.

Progressive Relaxation Sessions™

We have developed an optional method using our Progressive Relaxation Sessions™ in numerical order to progressively deeper relaxation states. We have additional deeper programs that may be downloaded from our website. The frequencies of each program progress a little deeper and/or longer than the one previous to it. Proceed at your own pace. Using this method or simply trying various programs, with time and experience you will tend to gravitate towards certain programs or a certain order you like best.

About Brainwaves

Our brain operates primarily in five brainwave states. These states range from being wide awake and active, the beta brainwave state, to the calm, focused alpha state, and the creative, deeply meditative theta state, down to low wave, deep, dreamless, restorative sleep referred to as the delta brainwave state.

As you continue to use MindSpa on a regular basis, these states will become quite easily recognizable to you. You can use this recognition to enter and maintain your desired target state, such as alert and focused, to a calm quiet mind during your waking hours, even while under mental pressure.

In practical terms this can mean that when you sense you are becoming agitated or stressed, you will have at your disposal an improved ability to exert conscious control over these situations. This will result in generally feeling better in a variety of situations that formally caused sleep issues, stress, feelings of low energy, and/or emotional discomfort. Through regular use you will easily maintain your desired target state.

Brainwave States

The following section contains a short primer on the five primary brainwave states. This will help you to better understand how you will get maximum benefit from the MindSpa programs.

Gamma frequencies are measured from approximately 40 to 100+ Hertz (Hz) or cycles per second. Gamma is associated with higher cognitive activity and related to consciousness, attention, learning and memory. Though scientists have studied gamma oscillations for over five decades, it is still very much an area of active research with much to still be learned.

Beta frequencies are measured from approximately 13 to 40 Hertz (Hz) or cycles per second. Low or moderate amplitude beta corresponds to our normal waking state of alertness where the vast majority of routine thinking and physical functioning occur.

High amplitude, fast beta generally reflects a state of heightened anxiety or stress, and feelings of agitation and discomfort due to mental over-activity. This is associated with what is commonly known as the fight or flight state.

When the high amplitude beta state is maintained for extended periods it leaves us feeling drained of energy and over time can erode our physical and emotional well-being resulting in health issues. Unfortunately, many of us operate in this state far too often due to the pressures modern society places upon us.

Using MindSpa’s relaxation programs can significantly help to reduce undesirable high amplitude beta activity in just a few weeks. Many report experiencing immediate effectiveness. When you encounter common stress producing situations you will be better able to maintain an inner calmness with enhanced control of your life. Conversely, when you feel like you need a quick pick up, or when you just do not feel as mentally sharp as you would like to feel, MindSpa provides stimulation programs for entering the beta state.

Alpha frequencies are measured from approximately 8 to 13 Hz.
This represents a relaxed state associated with external attention. In the higher alpha range, it is the wakefulness state of relaxed and effortless alertness. Lower alpha wave activity is associated with the deeply relaxing meditative states.

Alpha waves are utilized for mental rejuvenation, accelerated learning, the creative process and peak performance in all areas of life including business, sports and the arts. We enter into the alpha state during light meditative activities such as reading a good book. Additional examples are when performing relaxation-inducing activities such as exercising or going for a quiet walk or ride in the country.

To resolve mental stress and its effects on sleeping MindSpa provides excellent passive training. It will help quiet the stress-inducing internal dialog which so often leads to sleep issues. Reducing this inner dialog will provide a positive impact. You will feel better!

Theta frequencies are measured from approximately 4 to 8 Hz.
This represents the deeply relaxed state of free flowing inward focus. It is an elusive state we naturally enter for a few minutes just before falling asleep and just before waking when vivid internal imagery is produced without conscious effort.

Theta is also the deep, advanced meditation state and the seat of the creative process. The doorway to theta is by entering the alpha state on a regular basis. Under normal circumstances we will move in and out of the theta state for several seconds to a few minutes at a time while in a deeply relaxed state.

The famous inventor, Thomas Edison, frequently took afternoon naps finding them particularly helpful when confronted with a difficult problem. He developed a technique where he would sit in a chair holding steel balls in one hand above a pan of water. Just as he dozed off, his hand would relax releasing the balls, waking him up allowing him to reflect on his thoughts while in that twilight state between alertness and sleep.

To enter the creative theta state many greats throughout history have used similar techniques that we refer today to as a power nap.

Delta frequencies are measured from approximately 0.5 to 3 Hz.
This state is where the majority of physical and deep mental regeneration takes place. This is the dreamless, deep sleep state. The delta state is entered through the natural sleep cycle. MindSpa helps train the mind to enter a deep state of relaxation that will lead toward more effectively reaching the delta state.

With regular use, MindSpa will become an indispensable tool that will help reduce stress resulting in better, deeper quality sleep, a sharper mind, and ultimately a better quality of life.

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