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MDS-12p MindSpa Programmable Software

MindSpa Programmable Download Section

We hope you are receiving much benefit from your MindSpa! To help enhance your experience, register below and then log in to our Member's Area (login above) where you will find free bonus software and additional program downloads for our current and previous products.

**Please note: Software version 1.5 (released July 2014) is compatible with all Windows versions including Windows 8. Windows 10 users, please download the additional driver below. Sorry, not Mac compatible.

MindSpa Personal Development Software™ including an additional 15 Bonus Advanced Sessions and also includes a special professional 3-session bonus pack, a $69.95 comparable value!

Windows 10

If you own MDS-12p v2 you can use this driverPL2303 Windows Driver with Windows 10.

The Prolific PL2303 driver can optionally be downloaded directly from their site: here

MindSpa MDS-12p Communications Software for Windows 8 and earlier

MindSpa Software                                                                                           3.6MB

READ FIRST - MindSpa Personal Development Software v1.5.pdf                              108.0KB

Includes the Bonus Advanced Sessions

Active Sync Sessions

Click for Active Sync program downloads, and for previous models prior to February 2008 (MDS-12e/Pathfinder and prior units) please download.

Active Sync – Expanded Instructions
Our current and previous MindSpa models include the Active Sync function which allows specially encoded recordings to be played through MindSpa and converted into full light and sound programs. The following instructions explain how to convert these pre-encoded files for use with MindSpa.

Converting Sound Files
There are a variety of digital sound file formats that can be used to transfer your AVS session to an audio player. Here are the most common formats and their relation to AVS:

Converting wav to MP3 files
You may also quickly and easily convert your encoded .wav files to MP3. Set parameters as follows:

1. Start your third-party converter program

2. Set bit rate slider to highest quality 320kb

3. Click advanced options. Set Encoding to Variable bitrate / high

4. Set Preset Quality to Very High

5. Click OK and then begin conversion of your .wav file

WAV Files –This format is the standard high quality, and compatible with every media player. Unfortunately, WAV files also take up a lot of space: an hour long AVS session in WAV form can easily fill up your audio player. 

WMA and OGG Files – WMA and OGG files are basically the same as MP3s with one exception: they tend to work better with AudioStrobe. If you are in the market for a portable audio player like an iPod, choose one that supports WMA or OGG files if you can.

To use MindSpa in Active Sync Mode™
Attach the patch cord between your audio device or computer audio output and the Aux input on your MindSpa. Press and hold the backlight button for two seconds to enter Active Sync Mode. You will see AS displayed on your screen. Adjust the volume and brightness to suit your tastes.

For earlier non-programmable MindSpa versions you may use our free library of 75+ AudioStrobe® compatible ActiveSync™ encoded sessions.

Note: These can only be played externally using your digital audio player and your included patch cord. They cannot be uploaded into your unit.

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