Creating a healthier work experience

MindSpa is one of the best small investments you will ever make for increasing income. We guarantee it!

One of the secrets great salespeople have in common is that they know people naturally gravitate to others who are relaxed. They appear more self-assured. They give others their sense of confidence on conscious and sub-conscious levels. People simply respond better when you radiate confidence.

Today’s new financial realities demand we work harder, smarter and faster to maintain a competitive edge. The most recent post-crash studies are showing 80% of the US population is under more stress than ever. This added psychological pressure can add to the already negative impact on income-earning potential. It can create a downward emotional spiral leading to further performance declines and ultimately lead to health and psychological issues.

For Frequent Travelers

Many frequent travelers are in reward-based jobs – the better you perform the higher your income. Regardless of your career, it is very tough to maintain an optimal level of performance on the road. An off day here and there can cost you and your company dearly. You cannot afford to lose any opportunities in today’s environment!

As a seasoned professional, you already know how important it is to maintain your edge. Long days traveling from place to place, jet lag, going to meetings, eating out, and then going to your room at night work or watch TV has a cumulative negative impact on your energy levels. It impacts your ability to perform at peak efficiency throughout the entire week and just wears you down so you spend your weekends in recovery mode. But you can change that!

A few minutes of personal solitude each day has more value than you may realize. The fact that many of us are connected all the time by modern communication devices leaves us constantly in the “idle” position. We lack the opportunity to turn inward, recharge and raise our energy levels.

When you are on the road, or even when at home, you need time to rejuvenate by completely disconnecting from the outside world each day. It is part of our DNA. You need that time to clear your thoughts allowing you to see things from a fresh perspective and to keep the creative juices flowing. This really is essential to perform at your best. It is what MindSpa will do for you – help you maintain your edge.

A daily 20-30 minute MindSpa session will allow you to enter your own “mind oasis.” You will feel relaxed and refreshed. The rejuvenating effects MindSpa provides will pay many long-term benefits and will improve your quality of life. Bottom line: We guarantee you will perform better and earn more with regular use of MindSpa!

In addition to using MindSpa while on the road, you can refer to our sections on Jet LagPower Napping, and our Five Elements Program for helpful tips and advice to perform at your best.

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