Using MindSpa

Q.: How often should I use the MindSpa?        

• A.: We try to take any mystery out of using the technology effectively. As we explain, it is not so much time of day or using a particular program for a specific result. The most important aspect is using MindSpa on a regular basis as the overall benefit is cumulative.

With cumulative benefit, you will find over time, especially during the first two months in particular, subtle but recognizable changes have occurred. MindSpa is designed to fit busy schedules, so choose a time best for you.

When you do a relaxation session for a specific purpose such as public speaking, it can be helpful to do a session just prior to the event for its immediate calming and focus effect. We suggest allowing at minimum a few hours between programs to gain maximum benefit. We have numerous reports from people experiencing immediate positive results. Expect to experience optimum results after four to six weeks of regular use.

Our goal is to help you make long-term quality of life improvement. This takes a little bit of time and commitment to regular use. Positive change for many is obvious. But you will begin to also notice many subtle benefits. We promise you will experience the benefit. This is why we give you 90 days to try MindSpa. We want you to be satisfied it is money well invested in your health and well-being.

Q.: How shall I use MindSpa at night to help with my sleep issues?

• A.: Our latest PureGreen led glasses are designed specifically for night use. Several recent studies suggest that green can actually promote better sleep and help to regulate certain pain and headache issues. At the very minimum, green light does not affect the circadian clock, the body clock that regulates our sleep/wake patterns, so they are safe to use at night.

We suggest avoiding white or blue light late at night or in the evening as blue is known to directly affect our circadian rhythms. Blue light is a major component of white light and for this reason, white light should be avoided at night. (The rules for overcoming jet lag vary, however.)  

Q.: Can I suffer any harm if I open my eyes during a program? 
• A.: No, there is no harm in opening your eyes while the lights are on. We suggest looking past the lights and not directly into them. The total brightness relative to even a flashlight is quite low, and there is no radiation and minimal heat output.

Q.: Why do my eyelids flicker with the lights?

 A.: Your nervous system is responding to light levels that are too high. Reduce the brightness of the lights so that they are at a more comfortable setting for you.

Q.: What is the best way to sit during a program?

• A.: Place yourself in a comfortable position and allow yourself a few moments to settle in before beginning a program. Keep your legs and arms uncrossed; sitting in an open position will help to reduce muscle tension. When starting a program, take a few deep breaths deep into your abdomen. This helps release some tension and promotes relaxation and focus.

Q.: May I lie down and what happens if I fall asleep?

• A.: You may assume any position you find comfortable. Maximum benefit is gained by remaining in a relaxed, yet aware state. Benefits are still gained when you fall into a light sleep state. Sometimes a deep state of relaxation feels like you are asleep. If you find you wake up at the end of program, you were not actually asleep but in a very deep, calm state.

Q: How long will the batteries last?

• A.: You should get several months of daily use on one set of good quality AAA alkaline batteries. We do not recommend using heavy duty cells as they tend to have a very short life. You may use rechargeable batteries but note that maximum brightness will be slightly reduced because rechargeable battery voltage output is just slightly lower.

General Product Questions

Q.: What makes MindSpa the superior product?

• A.: With several decades of combined experience in the auditory-visual entrainment field, and utilizing the best science available, we set out to make MindSpa the most effective product of its kind for stress reduction, cognitive improvement, focus, attention, and deep relaxation for producing better quality sleep. We also recognized the need to create a product that is easy to use right out of the package with minimum instruction.

We design our products with quality and effectiveness as our #1 criterion. It is what sets up apart from the vast majority of self-help products on the market. It is our attention to detail, combined with knowledge and experience behind every element of product design that is the key to its success.

An educated consumer is always our best customer. As a customer-oriented company we want to help you make an informed decision based on facts. We understand it can be confusing to go through the wide range of products and supplements available and arrive with confidence at the best solution.

For those of you who would like to know the difference between claims and true research; published and peer reviewed research means that the science behind the claims has been stringently reviewed by a panel of experts, and then subsequently approved for publication in a professional journal. It is a very tough and expensive process that can take years before final approval is received.

We encourage you to read our customer testimonials from the world over and review our money back guarantee. We offer excellent product information along with after-sale customer support. Our generous return policy provides ample time to fully evaluate effectiveness.

As you have probably already noticed, we give you an unprecedented ninety day risk-free evaluation period because we are fully confident of MindSpa’s superior effectiveness. We want to give you a real opportunity to experience it for yourself. And by the way, even with our 90 day policy only a small handful are ever returned.

We continue to invest substantial amounts of our time, money and resources in research & development to provide the best quality results attainable. Our newest MindSpa generation is our best ever! We stand behind our promise that you will be fully satisfied!

Q.: Can I power my MindSpa without batteries?

• A.: Yes, you can use the USB port. Any USB-based power source is acceptable.

Q.: What is the difference between the previous MindSpa and the new sixth generation MDS-12p?

• A.: We are constantly working to improve our product’s effectiveness. Programmability allows you to choose programs customized to your specific needs. Our Programmable MindSpa has been upgraded from 12 to 18 programs. We have more bonus programs available for you on the website.  We also offer additional libraries of programs authored by an expert psychologist in stress reduction, sleep enhancement, focus and learning issues.

In addition to a number of other technical improvements, our new Programmable MindSpa generates the best sound output ever. Sound is a very important aspect toward reaching states of deep relaxation and focused attention. We pay particular attention toward making the audio portion of MindSpa the best we possibly can.

Our proprietary glasses were designed in conjunction with Dr. Alexander Kaplan head of the Human Brain Research Division, Moscow State University. Our research has determined that the peripheral design of our glasses provides superior benefits and results. We determined that by placing lights per eye along the outside edges in our proprietary oval pattern, we are able to create the very powerful results.

Q.: What is the difference between the CrystalWhite and CalmBlue leds?

• A.: Our latest glasses are fitted with both white and blue leds. White provides full spectrum light which is effective for relaxation, imagery and visualization. They are bright enough to be used under nearly all lighting conditions and great for day or early evening use. (We suggest not using at night as this can disrupt circadian rhythms.

Our CalmBlue leds are tuned to the “action spectrum,” recognized by researchers as blue light in the 460nm – 483nm range. Recent scientific evidence suggests that this specific frequency of blue light is effective for sleep, night shift work, jet lag, and help with circadian rhythm disorders such as SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

In addition, our CalmBlue leds are excellent for use with hypnosis or relaxation CDs, and for use with those sensitive to bright light. To learn more please go to our link on Circadian Rhythms.

Product Issues 

Q.: Why is my Programmable MindSpa is displaying “EO”?

• A.: We identified a minor bug in a few of the first run of MindSpa programmable units that is easily corrected. On some units, when the batteries are replaced, the letters “EO” may appear in the display. EO means the memory needs to be restored.

This condition is corrected by downloading our software available in our Bonus Download Software section.

Please follow the installation instructions and then upload the MindSpa library of programs included with the software into your unit. The condition will now be corrected. It is usually a one-time issue and should not reappear. Our apologies for any inconvenience!

Q.: Why is nothing happening when the unit is switched on?

• A.: If the unit is brand new, check to make certain the protective tab in the battery compartment has been removed prior to use. Turn the unit on again. If the unit still does not function, remove the batteries and reinsert. Also check to make sure the batteries are inserted properly. If the unit still does not function, try replacing the batteries with a fresh set of AAA alkaline cells.

While rare, when there is an issue, it is usually because of the batteries. Customers have claimed to use a “new” set of batteries and still the unit will not function. Before we suggest customers send in for repair, we ask to first try to power the unit via the USB port. If that works, we ask the customers to go out and purchase a new set of batteries. Probably 9 out of 10 times brand new batteries solves the issue.

Q.: The lights or the sound are not functioning properly.

• A.: Check to make sure the jacks are fully plugged into the unit. On occasion, a new jack can be a little stiff at first use and require a little extra push. Also, check to make sure you have each accessory plugged into the correct jack. Please note that the end of the light jack is color coded.

Q.: The battery symbol is displayed or the display is dim or the unit seems to be malfunctioning.

• A: This indicates the batteries have reached the end of their useful life. Replace your batteries with fresh AAA alkaline cells. Note: Sometimes the unit will appear to malfunction without the battery symbol being displayed. Replace the batteries anyway. This should resolve the issue.

Q.: Why is there a loud clicking sound in the headphones?

• A.: Check to make certain the headphones are plugged into the correct jack.

Q.: Why am I getting sound from only one side?

• A.: Check to make certain the headphones are fully plugged into the jack. If this does not solve the issue, try another set of headphones. If those are operating properly, then the MindSpa headphones are defective. Contact us for a replacement. They will be sent at no charge. If both sets of headphones provide sound out of only one side, then your unit is defective. Contact us for a warranty replacement or repair.

Q.: Why am I only getting light out of one side, or one bulb is out?

• A.: Check to make certain the glasses are fully plugged into the jack. If any problem persists, contact us and we will replace your glasses under warranty at no charge.

Active Sync – Expanded Instructions
Our current and previous MindSpa models include the ActiveSync function which allows specially encoded recordings to be played through MindSpa and converted into full light and sound programs. The following instructions explain how to convert these pre-encoded files for use with MindSpa. ActiveSync sessions are compatible with all AudioStrobe™ players.

Converting Sound Files
There are a variety of digital sound file formats that can be used to transfer your AVS session to an audio player. Here are the most common formats and their relation to AVS:

Converting wav to MP3 files
You may also quickly and easily convert your encoded .wav files to MP3. Set parameters as follows:

1. Start your third-party converter program

2. Set bit rate slider to highest quality 320kb

3. Click advanced options. Set Encoding to Variable bitrate / high

4. Set Preset Quality to Very High

5. Click OK and then begin conversion of your .wav file

WAV Files –This format is the standard CD-quality, and compatible with every media player. WAV files also take up a lot of space: an hour long AVS session in WAV form can easily fill up your audio player. 

WMA and OGG Files – WMA and OGG files are basically the same as MP3s with one exception: they tend to work better with ActiveSync. If you are in the market for a portable audio player like an iPod, choose one that supports WMA or OGG files if you can.

To use MindSpa in Active Sync Mode™
Attach the patch cord between your CD play or computer audio output and the Aux input on your MindSpa. Press and hold the backlight button for two seconds to enter Active Sync Mode. You will see AS displayed on your screen. Adjust the volume and brightness to suit your tastes.

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