Programmable MindSpa Support

Q.: Why is my Programmable MindSpa is displaying “EO”?
• A.: We identified a minor issue in a few of the first run of MindSpa programmable units that is easily corrected. On some units, when the batteries are replaced, the letters “EO” may appear in the display. Static electricity might also affect the unit. EO means the memory needs to be restored.

This condition is corrected by downloading our software available from our Download MindSpa Software section. Please follow the installation instructions to reinstall the original MindSpa library of programs. The condition will now be corrected. Our apologies for any inconvenience!

The original library and our Bonus Advanced User Library, plus three bonus professional sessions are included with the software.

Q.: Why is my computer not recognizing my MindSpa?
• A.: Our software is compatible with all Windows versions. First be certain to use the USB cable included with your system. Next, restart the software and try switching to a different USB port on your computer. If still experiencing difficulty, restart your computer to free up resources. Frequently, one of these three steps will resolve any issues.

After following these steps, if you are receiving an unable to connect to MindSpa message, be certain you have installed the Ark Micro driver during the installation process. If you continue to experience issues, please uninstall the Ark Micro driver and software. Then re-install the software using this driver:

Q.: What is the difference between the previous MindSpa and the new sixth generation MDS-12p?
• A.: We are constantly working to improve our product’s effectiveness. Programmability allows you to choose programs customized to your specific needs. Our Programmable MindSpa has been upgraded from 12 to 18 programs. We have more bonus programs available for you on the website.  We also offer additional libraries of professionally authored programs for stress reduction, cognitive enhancement, sleep enhancement, focus and learning issues.

In addition to a number of other technical improvements, our new Programmable MindSpa generates the best sound output ever. Sound is a very important aspect toward reaching states of deep relaxation and focused attention. We pay particular attention toward making the audio portion of MindSpa the best we possibly can.

Our proprietary glasses, released in 2007, were designed in conjunction with Dr. Alexander Kaplan head of the Human Brain Research Division, Moscow State University. Our research has determined that the peripheral design of our glasses provides superior benefits and results. We determined that by placing lights per eye along the outside edges in our proprietary oval pattern, we are able to create the very powerful results.

In addition, we have made MindSpa even easier to use. We have also upgraded to a comfortable, high quality ear bud headset with cable retractors for neatness, added a DC input, upgraded the unit from a three AAA 4.5 volt system to a four battery, 6 volt system for better brightness and longer battery life, and have added a beautiful, upgraded carrying case to protect your system during storage or travel.

Using MindSpa

Q.: How often should I use the MindSpa?
• A.: The key to obtaining the best results is regular use. You may use MindSpa every day or even more than once a day if time permits. When using the stimulation sessions, just as with physical exercise, give your mind time to revitalize after this exercise. Use the stimulation programs no more than once every two or three days.

We suggest allowing at minimum a few hours between programs to gain maximum benefit. We have numerous reports from people experiencing immediate positive results. Expect to experience optimum results after four to six weeks of regular use.

Our goal is to help you make long-term quality of life improvement. This takes a little bit of time and commitment to regular use. Positive change for many is obvious. But you will begin to also notice many subtle benefits. We promise you will experience the benefit. This is why we give you 90 days to try MindSpa. We want you to be satisfied it is money well invested in your health and well-being.

Q.: Can I suffer any harm if I open my eyes during a program? 
• A.: No, there is no harm in opening your eyes while the lights are on. We suggest looking past the lights and not directly into them. The total brightness relative to even a flashlight is quite low, and there is no radiation and minimal heat output.

Q.: Why do my eyelids flicker with the lights? 
• A.: Your nervous system is responding to light levels that are too high. Reduce the brightness of the lights so that they are at a more comfortable setting for you.

Q.: What is the best way to sit during a program? 
• A.: Place yourself in a comfortable position and allow yourself a few moments to settle in before beginning a program. Keep your legs and arms uncrossed; sitting in an open position will help to reduce muscle tension. When starting a program, take a few deep breaths deep into your abdomen. This helps release some tension and promotes relaxation and focus.

Q.: May I lie down and what happens if I fall asleep?
• A.: You may assume any position you find comfortable. Maximum benefit is gained by remaining in a relaxed, yet aware state. Benefits are still gained when you fall into a light sleep state. Sometimes a deep state of relaxation feels like you are asleep. If you find you wake up at the end of program, you were not actually asleep but in a very deep, calm state.

Q: How long will the batteries last?
• A.: You should get several months of daily use on one set of good quality AAA alkaline batteries. We do not recommend using heavy duty cells as they tend to have a very short life. You may use rechargeable batteries but note that maximum brightness will be slightly reduced because rechargeable battery voltage output is just slightly lower.

Product Issues

Q.: Why is nothing happening when the unit is switched on? 
• A.: If the unit is brand new, check to make certain the protective tab in the battery compartment has been removed prior to use. Turn the unit on again. If the unit still does not function, remove the batteries and reinsert. Also check to make sure the batteries are inserted properly. If the unit still does not function, try replacing the batteries with a fresh set of AAA alkaline cells.

Q.: The lights or the sound are not functioning properly. 
• A.: Check to make sure the jacks are fully plugged into the unit. On occasion, a new jack can be a little stiff at first use and require a little extra push. Also, check to make sure you have each accessory plugged into the correct jack. Please note that the end of the light jack is color coded.

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